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Get additional 15% discount when using this service in combination with a 12 month Premium subscription!

After having purchased your digitalization service you will get further information on how to proceed within a maximum of two days.

Logbooks in Paper Formats

We use modern technologies to digitalize your logbooks. After purchasing the digitalization service, we will contact you and you can either send us your physical logbooks or submit scans or images and we take care of importing your flights. Your data will be ready within several days.

When ordering flight digitalization from paper formats you have to enter the approximate number of flights in order to receive a price quote for the service. For instance, the blue FOCA (BAZL) logbook has 74 pages x 8 flights or approximately 592 flights. Reduce this number accordingly for any book that is not completely full yet.

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Logbook Digitalization Blue FOCA

Digital Formats

If you have your data already in some digital format, it is a small task to import them into our system. Just get in touch with us.

Capzlog.aero Logbook View

The logbook view gives you the possibility to control, navigate through and export your flight data exactly as in your physical book, including remarks, page and grand totals & much more!

Logbook Digitalization Blue FOCA
Logbook Digitalization Blue FOCA